Bild's Roman

Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Scotland, Canada, England, Spain, 2018

Bild's Roman explores the dialogic potential of the personal photo narrative.
It is a construction, whose images are sequenced in order to illustrate a symbolic coming of age.
The work is divided into three sections entitled Innocence, Discovery and Experience. The sum total, 27, corresponds to the author's age at the time of exhibition.
Bild's Roman asks the questions, do the images we take influence how we eventually come to understand our future experiences or, do these later personal experiences affect how we choose to understand the photos we've come to make? Do these influences ever intersect?
In this work, the covered mouth, spotted signs and marked walls act as both truth and metaphor. The seeking gaze and grasping hand, both analogy and symbol.​​

​"Ah, everything is symbol and analogy!"

First Faust

Fernando Pessoa