There Is No There There

London, 2016

There Is No There There is the result of a chance encounter in London, some late night dances and a planned rendezvous in three days time.
A poorly chosen bar, an early closing time and a dead cellphone ultimately leave the reunion unfulfilled...
What to make of fate? Is the world trying to tell us something? Is anything avoidable after the fact, where do we begin to make sense of it all? These images explore the unconscious absorption of symbols and signs during a single week's time.
Its visual development started as a response to James Joyce's Bahnhofstrasse​
The eyes that mock me sign the way
Whereto I pass at eve of day.
Grey way whose violet signals are
The trysting and the twining star.
Ah star of evil! star of pain!
Highhearted youth comes not again
Nor old heart's wisdom yet to know
The signs that mock me as I go.

“Then somewhere on the way there will stand some queer sign-post, there will be some face, a hovering fragrance, an untrodden path petering out amid grass and stones, and the traveller knows he should turn and take the other road, but everything urges him forward”

The Perfecting Of Love​

Robert Musil