My friend Aaron came to Europe for a few weeks. He spent the first one in Denmark, then came to visit me in Stockholm. We then spent a night in Norway on the way to a 'round island' trip to Ireland.

When we land, we drop off our things at the hostel and wander the city at night. It is relatively quiet. Our hostel is well located and so we don't have to worry about public transit. That being said, everything is still expensive, even by Swedish standards.

We walk through the core and after finding the ocean, we enter a bar playing some live jazz. We slowly sip our beer. We feel guilty, outside the bar window, on the floor above us, someone is changing on full display, curtains open.

We discuss private and public spaces. We think about the rest of the trip. It's just begun and I realized I forgot my Canadian driver's license. We were suppose to share the driving load but Aaron will have to cover most of it. The thought is daunting.

A dull and desolate existence? Nay, least of all.

A man had everything; his powers above, his dreams, his loves, his wealth of superstition.”

Growth Of The Soil

Knut Hamsun