It Happens

A poem about time and meaning

Justin Louis Labelle

10/11/20221 min read

It happens

And you

Always notice it after it happens

And if you

Try and focus (ha try)

You become

The person who tries to notice it

And you miss what is

And has been

Always around you.

But now you must strive to be awake

Wake up

The dreams are whispering

You have

To do it quick

So the boundaries can bend and fold

So the walls can turn to glass

And your future,

Though vague and filled With Choices

Contain the traces

And teachings of the soft places

The words may fail to provide proper meaning,

The truth trips away

The Incantation may get lost in translation

But, The importance of a smile

(Smiles are important)

Mean anything but Water to the thirsty being

If lacking in intent